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Ciro Immobile and his Ice Bucket Challenge (x)

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Liverpool have never bothered me i think they are a fine club i am just having such a hard time trying to figure out why they would buy a second rate striker Balotelli who has never amounted to anything but being a trouble maker. This must have been a desperate move on Liverpool’s part, I respect their club a lot but really this is bad… this is really bad..

this makes me angry since we have the money , 131 million already been spent on nobody’s and now balotelli , hello there is griezmann ( he’s gone now but god he’s cute ) or reus but they goes on a Shopping Spree in southampton …. look at serie a top 10 scorer and you can find so many player better than balotelli and without the drama , cerci or berardi even insigne

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Confessions of a Football Fan: #8


There’s that one player who you just hate and nothing they ever do can change how you feel about them

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Now off to therapy 

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